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Pamela Geller Holds Rally in NYC Against ‘Persecuting Jihadists,’ Most NYers Can’t Bother to Be Outraged

On Sunday, notorious and outspoken anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller held a pro-Israel, anti-Jihadist rally in New York City’s Union Square.

According to Geller, the AFDI event was a rip-roaring success.

“Thousands of people gathered in Union Square for our AFDI rally, and onlookers couldn’t have missed the difference between our rally for life and the pro-Palestinian rallies for death: our rally was a true celebration, with singing and dancing and joy in living — a stark contrast to the genocidal Jew-hatred that at the rallies of supporters of jihad,” she wrote on PamelaGeller.com. “We stood in Union Square today, all the victims and potential victims of jihad, in the coalition that needs to come together worldwide to defend freedom. We stood for life against death, for truth against lies, and for good against evil.”

Huffington Post, however, tells a much different tale of the event.

According to HuffPo’s Paul Vale, the number was closer to 150 – not ‘thousands’ – and the rhetoric was pointed more against the Muslim community – which were branded as terrorists – than the uplifting ‘celebration’ Geller seemed to think happened on that day.

One rallier was spotted by Vale sporting a t-shirt reading, “Dead Jihadists make Good Pig Fodder,” while talk recorded during the event focused on how Muslims were killers in many forms and with many names.

The extreme rhetoric is not surprising given Geller’s past. She has been banned from the UK for her hate talk and has tried to make waves in New York City before when she launched a series of bus ads with anti-Muslim sentiments shortly after 9-11.

Those ads read, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man…Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.”

Back then, the Muslim community chose mostly just to ignore the nastiness, pointing out that while she had a right to say what she wanted, “this type of over-the-top extremist rhetoric is [not] helpful in seeking a just resolution to the Middle East conflict.”

Given the lack of counter-protesters or public outcry on Twitter following her latest public stunt over the weekend, it seems most New Yorkers and the Muslim community simply ignored Geller this time around too, even if she was yelling in Union Square on a Sunday afternoon.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Pamela Geller

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