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Racist Cleveland Signs Asks if Congress Has the ‘Testicle Fortitude’ to Impeach Obama

A Cleveland sign maker has decided to show her disgust with Obama by posting a huge billboard featuring black, hairy testicles.

“Sometimes you’ve got to put things out there in order to make a point and get people to turn their heads,” said Nancy Sysack, who owns the controversial sign placed in public view on a busy block.

Sysack, who also said that, while she knows that the image may be too much for some, using shock value to get people’s attention is hardly anything new.

“There’s more graphic stuff in the art museum,” she stressed.

Many in her Cleveland community, however, think that the sign that reads, “Does anyone in Congress have a set of these?” over an image of black, testicles is just outright rude and goes too far.

JoAnne Pleban, who has to see the image every time she goes to her nearby bus stop, is not amused by the political ploy.

“I think the person could have said it without the explicit picture that’s on there,” she said.

Another local said the billboard, which also features an unflattering and racist caricature of Obama, is not welcome in the neighborhood.

“It’s totally inappropriate,” John Sumlin said.

This is also not the first time Sysack has put her racist ideology out in full view of the community.

In 2002, Sysack put up a billboard of Martin Luther King, Jr. hugging Osama bin Laden.

Tubbs Jones, a local activist said back then, that Sysack’s hatred was already well-known.

“This person has been perpetuating the message of hatred against minorities through this billboard for many years, Jones said.

The MLK billboard was  ultimately burnt down  by angry vandals.

Bob Cesca of the Daily Banter, though, said what makes Sysack’s extreme message so troubling now, is that her billboard is no longer as shocking as it was just years ago.

“It’s difficult to know exactly why it’s happening, but Americans are particularly loaded with piss and vinegar right now,” he wrote, adding that today Sysack’s latest billboard is just another of the growing number of signs that prove “America has gone collectively nuts.”

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