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‘We Are Darren Wilson!’ Nearly All-White Group Rallies in St. Louis in Support of Ferguson Police

On Sunday, a group of 125+ gathered in St. Louis to show their support for the police officer who they insist was only doing his job when he shot an unarmed teen from the back numerous times.

The rally, held near the local news station, was aimed at showing that, despite the national outcry over the killing of Michael Brown, there is another side of the story that is not getting enough press.

“There is a great deal of support in the St Louis community, nationally, and internationally for officer Darren Wilson,” one organizer, identified as EM Baker, told the Guardian before the rally.

Others complained that the media is persecuting Wilson for doing what he had to do.

“He was doing his job,” Kaycee Reinisch said. “And now because of public uproar in Ferguson, he is being victimized. He is being victimized by the whole city, the state and the federal government.”

Supporter Dennis Maples agreed, writing on Facebook, ” Not sure why but….an 18 year old attacks a cop, gets shot and killed, suddenly the media portrays cops as being the bad guys….now cops (in general) feel they need to justify themselves!”

Many at the rally also expressed concern that this is being turned into a race issue, including the sole African-American attendee, Martin Baker.

The former GOP primary candidate pointed out that in his opinion, the Ferguson crisis was not a matter of race.

“People are too quick to play the race card,” Baker said. “Lawlessness knows no color.”

Another attendee worried that because of the riots, the nearly all-white police force – 50 out of 53 cops – will be forced to hire black cops.

“Ferguson will now be forced to hire 10 African-American police officers just because of this terrible ordeal,” said Damon Anderson. “Let the black officers see how difficult it is to try and deal with the black criminals on the beat they are patrolling.”

The rally also spurred smaller efforts in other areas, including one where supporters formed a ‘blue line’ to block a bridge at the Missouri-Illinois state line.

“Yesterday was pivotal in strengthening support for Officer Darren Wilson,” the organizers said on Facebook, clearly pleased with the show of support for the Ferguson cops. “Our local communities, state, country, and world now know that Darren has a voice. We are Darren’s voice. WE ARE DARREN WILSON!”

Photo Credit: John Swaine/Twitter

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