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Good Lord! Pat Robertson Just Said If Healing Prayers Don’t Work, Blame the One Who is Sick

Octogenarian televangelist Pat Robertson is never short of advice – or people seeking his wisdom – on his 700 Club broadcast. Yet, especially when it comes to medical matters, Robertson’s advice can be downright dangerous and mean.

Just last month, Robertson advised a mother not to bother with medical care for her sick kid. Instead, he told her that the “painful shockwaves” her son was experiencing when she prayed over him were probably the work of a demon or possibly even because the mom had witchcraft in her past.

“You need to get somebody with you who understands the spiritual dimension and doing spiritual warfare,” he told the worried mom, instead of advising her to do the far more obvious thing, like take the kid to a doctor.

“If I were you, I would look back in your family. What in your family — do you have anybody involved in the occult, somebody in witchcraft or tarot cards or psychic things?”

He added that he thought the child was likely “oppressed or possessed by demons.”

Then on today’s show he had more pearls of wisdom for another worried family member.

After a wife wrote into Robertson and said her husband isn’t getting well despite her “intense prayer,” the television preacher suggested that if prayer wasn’t working, then it was probably the sick person’s fault.

First wondering if perhaps the sick husband was not a ‘real Christian’  or if his sins were preventing his healing, Pat Robertson then advised the woman that it may just be that her husband – who has suffered for four years – may actually like being sick.

“There are some people, you know, they enjoy their sickness,” Robertson advised, acknowledging he was saying this without knowing the sick man at all. “That is terrible to say but that is their excuse not to compete, ‘well I’d love to compete but my lumbago’s got me so I can’t do it.”

He also advised the woman to read the gospels and study up on healing prayer, because there was also a chance she was doing her praying all wrong, keeping God from healing her sick husband despite her fervent prayer.

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