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Right-Wing Links Michael Brown Killing to Immigration Laws, PCP, and Political Correctness

The far-right has repeatedly bashed the liberal media for jumping to conclusions on the Michael Brown case.

Yet, that has not stopped them from coming up with some interesting theories of their own about the unarmed Ferguson teen shot by Officer Darren Brown, including positing that immigration laws, PCP, and political correctness are all to blame.

On Wednesday, Steve Deace told his radio audience that lax immigration enforcement has created a national atmosphere of lawlessness in the country and this lawlessness was responsible, if not for Brown’s death, then for the riots and protests that have raged in the town.

Meanwhile, staunch Republican and possible Presidential candidate Ben Carson had another interesting reason for Ferguson of his own.

He said the fact Michael Brown did not have a dad, as well as insipid political correctness, were both to blame for what happened.

The real problem, he said were “all of those kids who are born into poverty and will live in poverty and in many cases will end up without a father figure in their life and don’t know how to respond to authority and end up being killed like Michael Brown.”

He also blamed all those people bitten by the political correctness bug who whine when they think their rights have been violated.

Of course, the top theory goes to aging televangelist Pat Robertson who did not understand why they did not run a blood test for PCP on Brown. (The autopsy revealed only a trace amount of marijuana in Brown’s blood).

Speaking on the 700 Club today, he called for a blood test “on that dead man” to see if he had PCP or other hallucinogen caused the  “big great, six-foot-five giant” to charge “this little cop and beats the daylights out of him.”

He then proceeded to blame Eric Holder and those New York activists for using the case to ‘grandstand’ and talk about race relations in America, making a mountain out of a molehill, and blowing up Brown’s killing into something huge.

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