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Klan Bigwig: ‘The KKK is NOT Patrolling Ferguson, It Was All a Scam’

Alleged South Carolina Imperial Wizard Charles Murray caused internet fury after announcing that his South Carolina faction of the Ku Klux Klan was planning to guard white businesses in Ferguson.

Yet, despite announcing that he and other Klansman were on their way to patrol the streets in the troubled town, it seems there is little evidence either Murray or his hooded brothers and sisters ever showed up.

On Monday, the New Empire Knights posted this message on their blog:

“With blacks out of control, we have our Missouri Realm going to areas near Ferguson. We can’t have blacks robbing and murdering innocent whites. I am on my way down along with members from three different states and members from the Southern Mountain Knights.”

Since then, the only ‘evidence’ that they have to prove they are actually in Ferguson is a blurry picture of someone holding a gun inside a nondescript home claiming to show a person on patrol.

In fact, these days the Imperial Wizard behind the Wilson fundraiser and Ferguson patrols  seems to be spending most of his time name-calling and attacking those who say he is a fraud – including attacking one known Imperial Wizard as a secret Jew – rather than leading a mass effort to protect white businesses or planning a fundraiser.

Law enforcement officials in Ferguson have also told the media that they see no sign that the Klan has gathered in or around Ferguson or has been patrolling streets.

Now, a second Imperial Wizard – this one the head of the Original Knight Riders – says the reason no one has seen the Klan in Ferguson is because they are not there; Murray is just a hooded fraud.

“The KKK is not involved at all down there,” the Klan leader said. “The only way the real Invisible Empire would be involved is if a lot of white people got killed or were made to suffer. Anybody with a real Klan group has told all of its members to stay away. We don’t need to be involved in that at all.”

Frank Ancona, who has already called Murray a scammer, agreed and stressed that the Klan has no intention of going en masse to Ferguson.

“I see no purpose to interject the Klan into this whatsoever,” Ancona said. “We’d create more discord and more animosity against whites and law enforcement up there if we were present.”

In response to the latest claims he is a big, hooded fake, Murray posted this classy response on his blog:

“Another groups of drunks attack me. I won’t even bother with these cowards,” [sic] he said today, providing no further ‘proof’ he is actually out patrolling the streets.

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