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MN GOPers Boot Own Bible-Waving Candidate From State Fair After Learning of Her Criminal Charges

Minnesota Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald was the darling of the state’s GOP convention when she waved a Bible high and declared she planned to rule using ‘God’s law.’

Now, it seems, times have changed.

Shortly after being announced as the GOP’s pick for the Supreme Court, the party faithful found out that the Bible-waving Christian had a secret – she was facing charges for driving drunk.

MacDonald, though, maintains that the GOP bigwigs knew all along about her pending charges and actually thought facing the wrong side of the law would make her a better judge.

“When I was being interviewed [by committee members] they were saying this is a good thing because I’ve experienced what people are experiencing on a daily basis,”MacDonald said. “I just never thought this would happen and I’m sucked into a system. Why am I even having to bother with a case where I’ve had zero alcohol, and why am I being asked to go to a trial where they cannot prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt?”

The MN GOP chairman Keith Downey, though, countered that MacDonald never disclosed her pending trial and that is something that they should have known.

“None of us, including the convention delegates, were aware of this information about the candidate,” Downey said. “She, of course, is innocent until proven guilty, but at the same time, the delegates did not have the full disclosure they should have.”

Unable to make her quit on her own, the state GOP decided to issue a new pointed ruling saying that the GOP’s State Fair booth was limited to candidates who were not facing criminal charges.

Undeterred, MacDonald decided to show up at the State Fair anyhow.

The GOP quickly reacted by kicking her out, causing her to shout for the resignation of the GOP chair Downey for her State Fair slight.

“We may as well look for justice on a stick because we can’t find it here!” MacDonald screamed to a handful of supporters as she was forced to leave the area.

She has also vowed to continue her fight.

“I’m an endorsed candidate,” she said. “I was supported by the people at the Republican convention. The people want this.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Star Tribune

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