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Gays in Labor Camps? Pastor Seeks to Change the Constitution to Declare the U.S. for Christianity, Mandate Hard Labor for Gays

An internet pastor is calling for a Constitutional amendment that would sentence all gay people to ten years of hard labor.

Pastor Michael V. Williams told his viewers at his PreachingPolitics.com last month that he was sick of Christians increasingly tolerant attitude towards the LGBT community and called for radical action to return America to the Christian nation that it was always meant to be.

“Whereas homosexuality used to be a felony in every state — referred to as sodomy — it has now been decriminalized, and homosexuality is allowed to be openly expressed in public,” he said. “While Christians are becoming increasingly tolerant of homosexuals, homosexuals are becoming increasingly intolerant of us.”

He then called for a new Constitutional Amendment – one that would theoretically overturn the Supreme Courts striking of the last sodomy laws in 2003 – that would once again make homosexuality a crime in all 50 states.

“It’s time for Christians to resume obeying God and his word, and to re-criminalize homosexuality, outlaw it again,” the pastor added. “The only way to do this and keep it beyond the reach of activist judges and unaccountable bureaucrats is to create a constitutional amendment.”

His anti-gay amendment, which would apparently negate the 1st Amendment freedom of religion, would also make it clear once and for all that America was for Christians.

According to Williams, the new amendment would read,  “United States of America is a Christian nation with Judeo-Christian ethics, morals, principles and values.”

Williams made no mention of how he planned to round up the entire LGBT community across the country or how he would fund the forced labor camps in his new Constitutionally Christian country.

He did encourage his viewers to call and write “incessantly” until every legislator agreed to alter the Constitution to be anti-gay though.

The preacher also said locking up gays was the only way that good, Christian Americans could continue to be free in the home of the brave.

“We’re in a fight for survival and only one side can win,” Williams said. “Let’s make sure it’s our side.”

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