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Arkansas Top Cop Resigns After Calling Reporter a Smelly, Left-Wing Liberal

An Arkansas police chief has voluntarily resigned after he called a local reporter a smelly, left-wing liberal on Facebook.

John Yates, the chief of the Jonesboro, Arkansas  force owned up to his name-calling and said that his words were inappropriate, given his stature in the community.

“I let my anger and pride override my wisdom and judgment by saying a number of things that are unacceptable given my position,” he said in a resignation letter obtained by Reuters.

Sunshine Crump, a writer for the Jonesboro Sun, had felt forced to quit her job at the local paper after she says she was harassed by the cop after her articles outing him for teaching at the local university without letting the city know.

Angry with the pieces, Yates called Crump “pro-dope smoking,” a “left-wing liberal” and “smelly.” He also said that she had an arrest record and was no longer allowed to practice law in the state.

Crump admitted she had been arrested before, but it was in college and for an anti-war protest, hardly making her a hardened criminal. She also said that she was aware that her license to practice law had lapsed, but that was only because she was no longer interested in practicing.

The editor for the Sun said that he was sorry that the tussle cost Yates his job.

“You’re never happy about someone losing their job but I really couldn’t see him returning in his role as police chief,” David Mosesso said of the now-resigned sheriff. “I think he’d lost the respect of the citizens of Jonesboro.”

Yates’ resignation comes just after a number of other high profile cases where careless Facebook posts cost people big, stressing the need for people to think about the consequences of their Facebook rants before they post.

In Texas, a woman made a racist comment about the Ferguson protesters on her Facebook pages. When her employer – a local hospital – found out, she was promptly fired.

In Missouri, a St. Louis cop was suspended from the job for his own racist Facebook post.

Then, earlier this month, in Texas, another cop lost his job over a troublesome status update where he called people who receive public assistance “useless turd bags” and said if he ever went on a killing spree, he would kill someone on welfare first.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story called Yates the sheriff. He was the police chief of Jonesboro.

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