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Right-Winger Says God Told Him Isla Vista, California is Evil and That’s Why Elliot Rodger Killed

Stuart Goldman knows what it is like to experience pure evil. He once smoked pot in Isla Vista, California, which led him down the ‘slippery slope’ to LSD and cults.

“It was while living in Isla Vista that I joined a cult led by Indian Guru named Jiddu Krishnamurti, whose teaching I became acquainted with while studying Eastern mysticism,” he mea culpa-ed. “I spent my days at the Unicorn bookstore, which stocked a massive array of books on occultism and Eastern mysticism.”

Goldman left that hippie life in Isla Vista in the early 70’s and has since become a right-winger. He never lost the feeling that Isla Vista was pure evil though.

“I have gone back to visit Isla Vista several times during the years since I left there in 1971. Every time I go there, the aura of evil that seems to fill the air is so thick that I literally become sick to my stomach,” he continued. “In fact, the last time I went there, it was so bad, I realized I could never go back there again.”

This evil, he further speculated, may have been behind the May 2014 Isla Vista shooting spree of Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old college dropout who killed six and injured thirteen before taking his own life.

According to Goldman, Rodger was into the occult and may have been lured into the evil vortex of Isla Vista, causing him to act out on the evil surrounding him.

Rodger’s father, though, said from the start that it was not evil that caused his son to lash out, it was untreated mental illness that had impacted his son – and the family – for a long time.

Combating the very uninformed views that Goldman is preaching, Rodger’s dad thinks it is irresponsible to brush mental illness under the rug as ‘evil’ without acknowledging the steps that could have been taken to keep people safe.

“Until this country wakes up to the crisis that we are in, we will keep seeing mentally sick people lash out. Until treatment is enforced, shots given or whatever assisted outpatient treatment can be enforced, we are using a bandaid on a very tragic situation. Until you live it, you don’t get it,” Peter Rodger wrote on his website AskforHelp.org.

Goldman, for his part, admitted he has no hard evidence to back up his evil claims; he is walking by faith and merely passing God’s message along.

“I have no tangible proof,” he concluded, “What I can say is that the Lord has confirmed this to me during prayers sessions in which I have asked Him to reveal the truth to me about this issue.”

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