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Pat Robertson on Robin Williams: He Killed Himself Because He Worshipped False Gods

On the heels of the Emmy’s tribute to Robin Williams, televangelist Pat Robertson has made it clear – the false god worshipping Williams is not someone who should be touted.

Preaching at his 700 Club viewers during Wednesday’s broadcast, Robertson claimed Williams was a ‘heathen’ and his love of fame and money forced him into the sin of suicide.

“What is your God? Is it money?” Robertson asked his viewers encouraging them to call out their own idols before they were led down a similar dangerous path. “So, when you get money, what’s going to happen? Is it fame? So, when you get fame, what’s going to happen?”

He continued by saying it is when people like Williams start worshipping idols over the one true God, they end up destroying their lives.

“Well, you see, the God of the heathen are idols. And everything that you seek in life will ruin you, unless that something and somebody is God himself,” Robertson stressed.

The television preacher – whose own fame and long-running television show has amassed him a small fortune – then advised his viewers that the only way to not end up like the ‘heathen’ Robin Williams was to follow God he preached about everyday on his show.

“Don’t let sexual attraction be your idol, don’t let fame or money or any of these things be your god, but come to the Lord Jesus,” he preached, encouraging people to kneel at the virtual altar and seek out the Lord through prayer.

The televangelist then advised the newly-saved to call into CBN to express their thanks to his network and the television preacher and get his new CD.

“Pick up the phone, say, ‘Look, I just prayed with that guy on TV, I prayed with Pat, I gave my heart to the Lord,’” he advised.

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