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Chris Christie Calls Same-Day Voter Registration a ‘Democratic Trick’

During a campaign stop in Illinois this week, New Jersey governor Chris Christie declared the same-day voter registration laws were nothing more than a Democratic ‘trick’ to sway elections.

In the state to support GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner bid for election, Christie cast doubt on the real motives behind the current Democratic governor’s move to make it easier for thousands of Illinois to vote.

“Same-day registration all of a sudden this year comes to Illinois,” Christie told his party volunteers. “Shocking. It’s shocking. I am sure it was all based on public policy, good public policy to get same day registration here in Illinois this year.”

He added that it must just be a coincidence that “the governor is in the toilet and needs as much help as he can get.”

Christie also accused Democrats of pulling liberal-leaning third-party candidates from the ballot while allowing right-leaning ones to remain (to take away Republican votes).

“Now I see that the courts ruled that the Libertarian candidate (for governor) can be on the ticket but the Green Party candidate can’t. Another really interesting development,” he accused.  “I said to a group of people this morning, ‘You people in Illinois make New Jersey people blush.’ I mean, this is really, just unbelievable right?”

For the record, the decision about who can be on the ballot (or can’t) falls on the Board of Elections, which is composed equally of Democrats and Republicans, making it a bipartisan move.

The International Business Times also pointed out that Christie should have thought out his criticism of same-day voting a bit better before using the law to hammer his anti-Democratic point.

For one, the voters rights measure has been supported across the nation by both Democrats and Republicans, making it hardly a one-sided plan.

Second, in implying that the move would unduly benefit liberals, Christie is actually suggesting that if more people could vote, they would vote Democratic, something that is ultimately not a good thing to suggest about the GOP.

Those pesky details, though, did not stop from trying to rev up the crowd to fight the unfair Democrats trying to cheat their way into office.

“Every obstacle that can be placed in front of Bruce by the establishment in this state will be placed in front of him,” Christie said, before concluding, “The great news is that he’s strong enough to overcome those.”

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

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