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Pat Robertson’s ‘Advice’: Your Kid is Gay Because He Was Raised By a Single Mom

Pat Robertson has a terrible track record with the LGBT community. So it comes as no shock that he still does not approve of what he sees as an abomination and a sinful practice.

His advice to the stepmom concerned about her boy-crushing son during an episode of the 700 Club this week, though, is not only cringe-worthy, it also highlights just how out of touch the aging televangelist has truly become.

For the record this is what ‘Kristi’ asked the aging televangelist:

“Recently my stepson told us that he is having crushes on boys. He is 13 and lives with his mother most of the time. How do we approach the situation? What are the next steps to take? We have 2 other boys, ages 3 and 11. What is your suggestion?”

Robertson promptly responded by blaming the single mom who cares for the teen most of the time for somehow making her son gay.

“I know a lot of people disagree with this,” Robertson advised. “They say they’re born that way, but I think nurture has a lot of to do with this. He’s being raised by a mother so his attraction is now toward other men because he’s raised by a woman.”

Actually, the whole ‘single moms turn kids gay’ theory  is a myth, as one Ivy League researcher debunked way back in 2007.

“We know boys are hardwired with an innate sense of maleness,” Cornell researcher Peggy Drexler said then.  “Many believe homosexuality in males is innate as well, so to blame mothers for either of the above goes against current scientific knowledge.”

Yet, Robertson seemed convinced that if the teen was just around more manly men, that he could somehow turn straight.

“I think before I did anything else, I would get him male companions, I’d get him some man to help him, some mentor, someone who cares about young men in a way fatherly, elder brother type of way and let the kid grow up with a male role model and see what happens,” Robertson advised.

In other words, sexuality is somehow catchy, according to the televangelist.It is also not the same time he suggested such nonsense.

Earlier this year, Robertson told a woman to keep a lesbian friend from her kids, even though they grew up together,  because even the mere presence of a lesbian around kids can turn them gay.

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