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Gina Miller is Tired of Liberals Not Blaming Women for Dressing Sleazy and Getting Themselves Raped

Gina Miller has a solution to the rape culture in America and it does not involve education or rape-drug detecting nail polishes.

Instead, according to the far-right columnist, rape could be ended in America if women just learned to cover themselves up and praise the Lord.

While she admitted men bore some responsibility for forcefully having sex with an unwilling partner, she said that women cannot escape all the blame, especially when they wear such sleazy clothes.

“Why is it considered just fine for a woman to present herself in a hyper-sexual, sleazy way and then expect men to treat her with the dignity and honor she imagines she deserves?” Miller said, weaving in fundamentalist arguments about modesty to make her audacious point. “The disconnect from reason is palpable.”

She then said that no amount of money thrown at rape education by liberals will help, especially with all those provocatively dressed women walking around in our godless society.

“Who is unclear that “no” means “no”?” she ranted on Barbwire. “There again, can it be argued that a woman dressed like a strumpet, yet saying “no” to unwanted sexual advances, sends a mixed message?  Yes, I know it’s outrageous, but this is what our Godless culture has wrought.  There are a lot of bad people out there, and no amount of ‘education,’ telling them it’s wrong (they already know this), will change their evil hearts.”

She further added that the only thing that can stop rape is loving Jesus.

“We have raised several generations of Godless, self-centered, sex-obsessed kids, and the truth is that there can be no positive transformation of any sick culture without the saving power of the Spirit of God through Jesus Christ to change people’s hearts of stone into new hearts of flesh,” she preached.

For the record, even at one of the most fundamental colleges in America, Bob Jones University (where everyone is supposed to be a believer and modestly dressed), rape continues to be problem among the student body.

It is also a problem in America’s churches – including evangelical ones; even in the last few months, pastors have been charged with raping women and young boys suggesting that professing to be a Christian may not be enough to stop the violent crime.

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