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Tea Party Goes Retro With McCarthy Era Slogan to Antagonize Prius-Loving Liberals

A Tea Party group is mad that President Obama may use his executive powers to bypass Congress to draft an international climate change plan that would cut carbon emissions.

So they have decided to antagonize Prius-owning, Obama-loving liberals with a snappy conservative slogan from the past – “America: Love It or Leave It!”

According to an e-mail sent out by TheTeaParty.net, for just $3, donors can be irritating liberals every time they drive their traditional-fueled cars emblazoned with the retro message.

“For the rest of the week, here is something you can do to annoy every Prius driver with an Obama sticker in the back window,” the group wrote. “For every donation over $3 this week, we have brought back a classic phrase to make it clear how you feel. Bumper stickers will not change the world, but everyone will know exactly how you feel.”

Actually, considering that the slogan does not mention climate change or Obama at all, it is not a given that all those liberals will be properly outraged for ‘exactly’ the right reason at all.

In fact, like many Tea Party fans pointed out on the the group’s Facebook page, it might not be sending out the right political statement at all.

The vintage slogan was coined by a gossip columnist  to talk about communist-hating Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the atmosphere of censorship and political fear that pervaded that era of American history.

Talking about kicking fellow Americans out of the country or censoring their views today, though, is simply not cool to many Tea Partiers, even if they do love America more than the Prius-drivers.

“Im a vet five generations deep (maybe more) That sentiment is not what we have fought for,” one commenter wrote. “We have a GOD given right to disagree and even Hate just has to fall with acceptable standards. (sic)”

Another Tea Party loyal stated it in even simpler terms, noting “You can love it an still disagree with the gov[ernment].”

Not everyone was so critical though. At least one commenter wrote that she would be proud to display the bumper sticker on her non-Prius car.

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  • Diane Rhodes

    America, love it enough to fix it.

  • Sandra Quinn

    America love or leave it, good advice to the Tea Party. Change is here, and I’m love’n it.

  • PAC

    How is this irritating? I’d just ignore the ignorant.
    It really applies more to the Tea Party who would much rather live under Putin’s fist than support a democratic U.S.

  • Dave

    Tea Party, the voice of stupid!

  • Mary Rodgers

    We drive a Prius which is irritating to these Tea Party morons, LOL I don’t even need a slogan to “Prius” them off,

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    That makes no sense, it doesn’t relate to climate change because that is a world problem not a U.S. program