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End Times Preacher: The Atheists Will Destroy the U.S. Economy After the Rapture (And That’s Why America is Not in the Bible)

Last week, End Times prophet Ed Hindson offered some financial advice for the not-quite saved.

According to his predictions, the aftermath of the Rapture will decimate the U.S. economy and destroy the government, meaning those unsure of their salvation might want to plan ahead for the possibility of yet another kind of financial doom.

“What would happen, I think, in the United States is the sudden Rapture of believers would leave this country totally secularist, totally atheist, totally in the hands of anti-Christian forces, and it would decimate the economy, the banking system, even the military, the police system,” he stressed.

He also made it clear that the United States would be impacted more than other countries because so many born-again Christians happen to live in the U.S. and will disappear before the dark days of tribulation.

“It would throw this country into chaos overnight,” he continued while talking on CrossTalk. “Now, it would throw any country into chaos, but the larger percentage of born-again believers, the larger percentage of the chaos.”

Without all those Bible believers to help guide government policy and keep atheists in line, Hindson added that the United States would no longer be the powerful nation it once was, and, as a result, the U.S. will not even be considered as a venue for the arrival of the Antichrist.

Instead, the Antichrist will make his appearance in Europe, which is why the United States of America is not even mentioned in the Bible.

“Unless you try to view the Babylon of the End Times as America, there’s no indication that America’s there anywhere [in the Bible],” Hindson said, using the lack of mention in the Bible as proof of his latest End Time prophecy.

There is a bit of good news in Hindson’s doom and gloom, however. According to his End Time vision, America will be spared total destruction.

“So, is she totally destroyed? Possibly, but not likely,” he said, pointing out while America may still limp along, it will not be pretty once all those born-agains are gone.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey (Evangelical Rapture prediction from 2011)

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