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Crowd Shouts ‘Run, Ted, Run’ As Cruz Promises the GOP Will Repeal Obamacare, Kick Out Illegals

Ted Cruz remained coy when asked by the press about his plans to run for the 2016 GOP nod.

That did not stop the audience of conservative insiders from shouting ‘Run, Ted, Run’ at a party get-together sponsored by the Koch Brothers over the weekend though.

Wowing the crowds at the conservative’s Defending the Dream Summit, Cruz laid out his hopes for the party for the next election and beyond.

“We are building an army,” he told the GOPers gathered, recruiting them to his cause. “Each of you are here because we are part of a grassroots fire that is sweeping this country.”

He also predicted a GOP victory in the upcoming elections.

“I’m convinced we’re going to win in 2014, and 2016 is going to be even better… And in the year 2017, a Republican president in the Rose Garden is going to sign a bill repealing every word of Obamacare,” he further opined to a round of applause.

Cruz also took direct stabs at Obama, skewering his proposed ‘amnesty for illegals’ and hinting the current occupant of the White House is more interested in his golf swing that handling the border crisis.

“I figured out the only way there is a chance in heaven he might come, I’m inviting him to come to a golf course,” he said, explaining why he had no plans to invite Obama to see what was really going on at the nation’s southern border.

He also objected to Obama’s handling of ISIS.

“ISIS says they want to go back and reject modernity,” the party firebrand claimed.  “Well, I think we should help them. We ought to bomb them back to the stone age.”

His speech, which largely covered familiar conservative and Tea Party ground, was met by shouts from the audience of “Run, Ted, Run.”

When asked about the audience’s calls for him to run, though, Cruz dodged the issue, saying only only, “Oddly enough, that’s the same thing my wife, Heidi, says to me when I go to the gym.”

Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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  • UltraL

    If there is any better way to get Democrats to vote outside of giving this menace to society coverage when he talks, I’d like to hear what that might be.

  • Matt

    Trust Republicans to vote against their own interests.

  • Dave

    I would yell that too….but mine would be to give him a head start before I run him over in my car.

  • Rick Van Frank

    Conservatives have been saying for several years that Obama cannot legally be President because he was born in Kenya to an American mother and a Kenyan father. It did not matter to them that even if this was true Obama still would have derived US citizenship through his mother. Yet without a doubt Ted Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. He was a dual citizen and owed an allegiance to Canada. He was not born in the United States, and according to the Conservatives view of the Constitution ineligible to be President. I does not matter that he derived his US citizenship through his mother.