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The Klan is Recruiting With Candy Again, Are They Just Desperate?

The Ku Klux Klan is trying to recruit new members with candy yet again. Many are not taking the hate groups latest efforts all that seriously though.

Carlos Enrique Londoño recently found a flier on his front lawn of his Long Island home.

“I’m Colombian and dark-skinned,” said Londoño, laughing at the fact that the packet included a membership form asking him to join.

Despite the increase in flier bombings in areas from New York to the deep south, according to the SPLC, the group is not growing as many fear. Instead,  it is simply so desperate to get new members that it is luring people with candy and counting on the Klan’s menacing past to spread fear.

“The Klan and hate groups in general continue to be more attractive to people who are less educated, people who are poor, the sort of white people who are feeling particularly marginalized and who are feeling the realities of the shifting demographics,”  Lecia Brooks, outreach director for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said. “They’re constantly recruiting because their membership rolls are dwindling. They are becoming more and more irrelevant every day.”

Evidence of the Klan’s fall from relevancy is also apparent in recent public events, from the much-hyped Ferguson fundraiser to public rallies that brought more scorn than new members.

Shortly after the Ferguson shooting a Klan faction announced it was holding a fundraiser for Darren Wilson, the cop who killed unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Another Klan faction quickly called it a scam. When the weekend of the fundraiser came and went, the local Sullivan, MO news declared it a bust.  The only proof that the supposed event actually  happened was one sorry picture of a man guarding a random door with a gun.

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Other recent events have also been largely ignored by the public or used as a chance to mock the Klansman.

In Troy, North Carolina, a Klan recruitment rally quickly dissolved into a shouting match with locals and counter-protesters, with the anti-Klan group shouting down the hooded hate group during their hour of allotted free speech.

At another rally held at Gettysburg, onlookers were more polite with the group corralled off in a free speech area  but were still unimpressed with the Klan leaderships’ talk about taking about America for whites.

“They’re dumber than I thought,” one onlooker said about the group gathered at the historical battlefield hoping to recruit others to their cause.

Photo Credit: Twitter (A KKK flier)

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