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Michele Bachmann’s Anti-ISIS Plan: Just Defeat Them and Do It Right Away

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) certainly isn’t over-thinking the threat of ISIS. Instead, she has a simple solution that she is sure will work.

Appearing on Glenn Beck’s show this week, she told the conservative host that the 12,000 strong ISIS forces would be no match for the U.S. Army if the country went at them full force.

What America needs to do, according to the Congresswomen, is to kill ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, then defeat his rag-tag band of rebels and “be done with it.”

She also told Beck that “this is something we can accomplish.”

Beck, however, countered that he was tired of going to war.

Bachmann, though, was undeterred, convinced squashing ISIS would not be a long, drawn-out process with the Army forces at the helm.

“Well, who isn’t?” Bachmann responded to Beck’s anti-war whine. “So defeat them, defeat them right away, get serious about it, defeat them and be done with it instead of dragging this out.”

When Beck, playing the reasonable one in this battle of wits, responded that defeating the shadowy terrorists might not be as easy as she thought, Bachmann then agreed with Beck (and cast doubt on her plan) saying these groups have a way of re-forming because “they have an ideology that tells them to reconstitute.”

According to Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), though, Bachmann’s plan would never work.

Encouraging a level-headed approach to ISIS on Sunday’s Face the Nation he stressed that overly simple strategies like Bachmann’s would actually make things much, much worse.

“We can’t simply bomb first and ask questions later. We have to have the right targets and the right support in order to be effective in stopping ISIS instead of uniting Sunnis around them.”

He also said the complex solutions calls for deeper thinking, not simplistic, fast approaches.

“I think that shows the complexity of the situation,” he said. “We do not want to come into Syria now on the side of Assad. We have got to find other folks, the Free Syria Movement, to work with.”

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