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Climate Denier: Voting Democratic is Nearly Treason and Will Destroy America!

Lord Christopher Monckton does not believe in climate change. The Brit does, however, think America is headed towards a catastrophic, world-altering event if we do not change our ways.

“The coming midterm elections – just weeks away – may yet prove to be the most important in the history of the United States, and of the world,” Monckton wrote in a recent WND editorial.

He also stressed that the only way to head off disaster was to vote GOP.

“The future of civilization itself may depend upon its succeeding. No one should underestimate just how much the United States is respected, admired and even loved worldwide as an example and a beacon of freedom,” he continued on. “But if the ‘Democrats’ get their way, the flickering torch carried by the Statue of Liberty may yet be snuffed out forever, together with the nation of which it has long been the symbol.”

The real enemy, he explained, are Obama and the Democrats, who according to the British lord are trying to destroy America and free society right now and may even give the nation’s power to the United Nations by signing a climate change agreement.

“By little and little, the ‘Democrats’ have become the implacable enemies of everything for which the Founding Fathers so nobly and so successfully strove,” he warned, unmasking those pesky liberals for the Marxist loons they truly are, at least in his own mind.

Among those ‘loons,’ though, there is one group of liberals that are the absolute worst – environmentally-minded liberals who think climate change is real.

Going for the gold medal in verbosity, Monckton claimed the treehuggers were actually killers intended to do away with millions by denying them access to polluting fuels.

“Just as the savage brutality of Marxism and its twin, Fascism, killed 100 million people in the 20th century, so the active hatred of Man that is the defining characteristic of that 21st-century species of totalitarianism that lurks behind the fig-leaf of environmentalism is bidding fair to kill 100 million more by denying them affordable electrical power,” he ranted.

The only logical solution, he concluded, was to not listen to all that climate change nonsense and vote GOP like all ‘real’ and patriotic Americans will do.

“The threat is real – so real that even to vote ‘Democrat’ comes close to being treason,” the climate denier wrote, adding “God bless America! The world has more need of you than ever. You must not fail.”

Photo Credit: Lord Christopher Monckton/Joanne Nova

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