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Tom DeLay Warns Obama is the Untrustworthy One, Especially When It Comes to Muslims

Former House Majority leader Tom DeLay was subject to a House Ethics Committee sanction and was the target of a Department of Justice investigation while in office.

Yet, the former Texas Congressman is now warning that Barack Obama  is actually the sketchy one, especially since the President is lying about being a ‘real’ Christian and is too liberal to think about going to war.

“In defending America against radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama cannot be trusted,” DeLay told far-right website WND.

The outspoken ‘Constitutional Christian’ also raised doubt that Obama’s faith is sincere.

“Barack Obama was raised a Muslim, and he claims he is a Christian, and I can’t say for sure whether he’s a Christian or not, but he has shown over the last few years that he has great sympathies with Islam,” DeLay continued.

He added that Obama’s Muslim leanings as well as his leftist views that made him opposed to war, both make him a danger to the country.

“You add to mix that Barack Obama is incompetent, way over his head as president, and the whole combination produces a worldview that makes Obama detached and reluctant to take the type of the military action against ISIS that would be effective,” he said.

He then concluded that Obama “refuses to understand that we are in a war against radical Islamic terrorism.”

For the record, Obama seems to aware of the ISIS threat and the need to take action, despite DeLay’s Islamophobic twinged fearmongering to the contrary.

Shortly after the death of Steven Sotloff, Obama called for the international community to join together to “degrade and destroy” ISIS.

“What we have got to make sure is that we are organizing the Arab world, the Middle East, the Muslim world, along with the international community to isolate this cancer,” Obama said.

Then just today, while at a press conference in Wales, the President issued an even stronger statement,  declaring, “There’s great conviction that we have to act, as part of the international community, to degrade and ultimately destroy [ISIS].”

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