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Ben Stein Waxes Nostalgic About a Time When Lynchings Were Not So Rare

Ben Stein is perhaps best known for his iconic, snore-inspiring drones that were first popularized by the movie ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’

More recently, though, the Columbia trained economist has made the TV news circuit, appearing on Fox News, Larry King Live and other outlets where he often talks politics and commentary from a decidedly conservative point of view.

He is also a racist.

During a recent appearance on Newsmax, Stein let his racial intolerance show when asked about the Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation of the Ferguson police.

After responding with a weird gutteral noise when hearing Holder’s name, Stein insisted that by launching a federal inquiry into Ferguson, Holder was trying to get a ‘lynching jury’ out against Darren Wilson and the Ferguson cops.

He then went even further by waxing nostalgic about a time in history when African-Americans were killed by mobs and the black community was expected to ‘know their place.’

“It’s a very sad state of affairs,” Stein said. “I mean it used to be, there was a time … when lynchings of African Americans were not that incredibly rare. Now the lynchings are the police and it’s just an outrage.”

Stein also made it clear that when it came to Brown and Trayvon Martin, the ‘so-called victims’ clearly did not ‘know their place’ or how to act with cops with guns.

“I mean if they didn’t just, would not attack the policeman, if they would just talk to the policeman in a reasonable way instead of attacking the policeman, nobody would be dead,” Stein said, suggesting that somehow the young men brought it on themselves.

Stein also said that Brown, who had no weapon when he was killed, was not  actually unarmed when he died at Wilson’s hands.

“He wasn’t unarmed, he was armed with his incredibly strong, scary self,” Stein said, defending Darren Wilson’s shooting of the unarmed teen and suggesting Brown deserved to be shot just for showing up in his  big, scary skin.

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