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Kevin Sorbo to Jews: ‘News Bulletin-You Did Kill Jesus!’

Actor Kevin Sorbo has been openly critically of Hollywood’s ‘godless liberal atmosphere’ before.

Appearing on Fox News in May, Sorbo talked about Tinseltown’s anti-Christian bias and how it makes it harder to come out of the ‘Christian closet’ when you are in showbiz.

“There’s a negativity towards Christians in Hollywood,” Sorbo told FOX411. “And a negativity towards people who believe in God.”

He also said that he is discriminated against because he is a Christian and did not vote for Obama, making it harder for him to land roles.

“There’s so much anger in Hollywood,” the star continued. “They don’t like the truth, they’d rather be lied to and they just attack anybody who doesn’t agree their way.”

He concluded, ‘”I don’t begrudge them their beliefs, why do they begrudge mine?”

Yet, appearing on Jerry Newcombe’s “Vocal Point” radio program recently, the same man who was preaching tolerance towards Christians had an awful lot to say about the Jewish community (and it wasn’t about letting them believe as they wish and embracing other for who they are.)

On the right-wing program to stump for his latest film ‘God’s Not Dead,’ Sorbo started off by about his tough life as a Christian actor and  how Mel Gibson had helped open the door to overtly Christian films by taking on his Jewish critics and still making lots of cash.

“He got attacked when he was shooting ‘The Passion’ from the Jewish community, saying ‘look at the way you’re portraying us,'” Sorbo said. “News bulletin: you did kill Jesus!”

The statement shocked even the conservative radio host, who quickly tried to clarify that the Jews did not actually kill Jesus, but the Jewish leaders did turn him over to the Romans [In the biblical account, the Jewish courts do not have the right to order a crucifixion, that could only be done under the Roman authority].

Sorbo, however, did not back down, replying that the Jews still “hand a hand in it.”

By the way, Sorbo’s views, while unnerving, are more common in American than you think. An estimated 26 percent of Americans still blame Jews for Jesus’ death, despite the fact a number of Christian leaders and a Vatican Council have made it clear that this view is not supported by historical fact or the church’s contemporary views and has contributed to anti-Jewish violence before.

Photo Credit: Sean P Anderson

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