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The Religious Right Just Couldn’t Resist Pointing Out Joan Rivers is Going to Hell

On Sunday, celebrities, family, and friends gathered at a New York City synagogue to say goodbye to comedienne Joan Rivers.

Not everyone, though, was sorry to see the comedy queen go. The infamous Westboro haters announced that they planned to picket Rivers’ funeral calling the 81-year-old a “f*g enabler in Hell.” (As far as I can tell, the group did not actually show).

Then today, the famously far-right WND came out with a column explaining why exactly Joan Rivers was going to perish in the eternal flames of hell unless she repented for her ‘potty mouth.’

First, Pastor Jim Garlow made it clear that he was above all of those “degeneres” practitioners of sin and other worldly folk who felt compelled to say nice things about Rivers.

“I come from a different ‘kingdom.’ May I respectfully appeal to scriptural truth, as opposed to the idolizing of practices that are dishonoring to God? Going against the extolling crowd, may I have permission to be contrarian?” he said, getting ready to preach from his ‘lofty place’ to the rest of us.

“Authentically skillful comedians do not have to have a ‘potty mouth’,”  he then proclaimed. “We try to teach young children to have more class than that. Comedians should be held to a higher standard.”

He further stressed that Rivers’ only hope was that she repented on her death bed.

“I sincerely hope Joan Rivers repented in her final hours,” he continued. “All of us must repent for sin in our lives, if we are to enter into God’s glorious heaven. Without that spirit of repentance before God, along with heartfelt contrition, another place awaits us – you remember, that other place that no one ever wants to mention.”

While it is unlikely to have changed Garlow’s condemnation of the comedienne, it is worth mentioning that Judaism – the faith of Joan Rivers – does not believe in the concept of Hell or for that matter speaking ill of the dead.

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