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Pot Meet Kettle: Bryan Fischer Accuses Obama of Being a ‘Pathological Narcissist’

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer has never been a big fan of Obama (or gay people, Robin Williams, or Muslims for that matter). So it should come as no shock that he said something nasty about president yet again on Monday’s show.

What is shocking, however, is that he somehow did not realize that in his diagnosis of Barack Obama, he ended up perfectly describing himself.

Starting off ranting about Obama’s Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, he said that Obama’s going golfing was the sign of a sick mind.

He then recalled an article he read, somewhere, that explained why Obama acted that way.

Admitting he did not remember all the characteristics of the condition, he described a narcissist as “having a highly inflated sense of his own ego” and someone who is highly sensitive to critics because he thinks he is smarter and brighter than everyone else.

He also said narcissists don’t think anyone else is worthy of living on the tier or offering them advice because they think they are so brilliant and infallible.

“You start reading this description of a pathological narcissist,” Fischer concluded, “and it’s just virtually impossible not to wonder how much of that applies to our president, because it sounds so familiar.”

Of course, there may be another reason the article struck such a chord with the radio host.

Just this week, he declared people with AIDS should be quarantined because they were not worthy of living in his society.

He also wondered on Friday why nobody but him was smart enough to realize what that other cut NFL players were the ones being discriminated against – not Michael Sam – when they put him on a practice team, because it was so obvious they only did that because Sam was gay.

Then there is this memorable line where he called people who believe in climate change idiots.

Citing Psalm 7 as proof climate change is a lie, he said, “that’s why it is dumb, dumb, dumb; it is stupid, stupid, stupid; it is ignorant, ignorant, ignorant to think that there is anything that man can do to control the climate through human behavior.”

Pot meet kettle? Just perhaps.

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