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The Bible According to Pat Robertson: ‘Blessed are the Fully Armed’

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson just can’t help but weigh in the issues and spread a little fear.

On today’s 700 Club, Robertson was talking about the increased threat of violence in churches which has caused many churches to initiate security measures – including armed churchgoers – around their buildings.

According to Robertson, the threat is very real and should have everyone concerned.

“It’s Sunday morning and they sing hymns and they praise the Lord and you listen to a sermon, good or bad, and you shake hands with your neighbors, and it seems like the one place in America you’d think you’d be safe: a church,” Robertson explained. “But sadly, that isn’t always true.”

He continued, “Violent attacks and even deaths on church property occur far more often than people realize.”

While incidents of violence on church property have increased over the years, as evidenced by his clip of a 2007 case,  it is hardly the epidemic Robertson has made it out to be.

Even church-violence expert Carl Chinn, a favorite of the right-wing press, has admitted that it is more likely that a person would  get struck by lightning than get killed in church.

Chinn has also said that the solution to violence spilling over into churches, largely due to domestic violence,  is not to be armed to the teeth.

“I do not believe it’s about guns or a lack of guns,” Chinn explained. “If there are people who are intentional about protecting the property, they’re going to be powerful. There are a lot of incidences out there where a gunman was stopped, and it wasn’t with guns.”

Robertson, though, thinks an armed church is a happy church.

“What is the new Beatitude? Blessed are the fully armed for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” the preacher said, unable to hold in a laugh. “I really believe that if the bad guys understand that the citizenry are able to react against them then they won’t be as free to go into a crowded mall or a school or a church and start blowing people out.”

He then made it clear that while he chuckled, he was making a serious point and it was not to turn the other cheek.

“I do believe that if people are trained with firearms, and they’re able to protect themselves, I don’t think it will lead to more violence, it will lead to less,” he continued. “The idea of having citizens who are trained or to have off-duty police in your church is not a bad thing.”

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