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Sound the Alarms! A Conservative Had to Watch Two Women Kiss

A conservative radio host Steve Deace got more than he bargained for on his American Airlines flight today. He had to watch two women kiss.

Never mind that the President is speaking tonight and there are huge problems in the world that needed to be solved. Deace thought the worst thing that could possible happen was lesbian puckering up while he was enjoying his in-flight entertainment.

“So I’m on an @AmericanAir flight and the in-flight TV show for all to see just had a seen [sic] of a grown woman kissing a teenage girl,” he said raising the alarms.

Wait, that is right. On the in-flight channel that he selected for himself and could have just turned off (and not in the row in front of him) two women showed affection for one another in a way that offended him.

Apparently, not even one post could contain his outrage, though, because a few minutes later, he tweeted this:

“Lesbian make out attempt on in-flight TV show on @AmericanAir flight from D.C to Chicago = You will be made to care, even at 30,000 feet.”

Eventually, American Airlines responded to his outrage about their in-flight entertainment options saying that it would “forward” his concerns to the appropriate parties.

While it sounds like Deace got the corporate brush off, he took the fact American Airlines responded at all to be a sign that he had successfully crusaded for freedom and the American dream.

“Now, this is a full-flight, and I’m sure I’m not the only person that finds this programming objectionable. So why was I the only one to say something?” he said on Facebook patting his back a little too hard. “When you find the answer to that you’ll discover a major reason why we are in the shape we are in as a people. Of course, all those who remained silent now will come to people like me later and ask us to defend them when it’s their liberty on the line.”

Of course, the real injustice in this situation is that Steve Deace got on an American Airlines flight where the in-flight entertainment and wi-fi worked at the same time and apparently there was even a good show on to watch.

Photo Credit: Les Media

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