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Texas Sign Asks: Does Obama’s Family Have to Be Beheaded For Change to Happen?

Texas’ Tactical Firearms has displayed a number of controversial and political thoughts on their marquee before, but this week’s message is definitely pushing the boundaries.

Referencing the recent beheading of two American journalists by ISIS militants, the sign asks, “Does one of Obamas [sic] family members have to be beheaded for ‘change’ to happen?”

Visible to motorists passing by, some local Katy residents are offended by the sign’s off-color sentiment.

“I think as far as freedom of speech is concerned it’s protected, but it’s in pretty poor taste,” Marco Romero said.

Tactical Firearms CEO Jeremy Alcede, though, has defended his marquee, claiming that he thinks it is perfectly fine to be asking a question like that so close to the journalists’ deaths.

“I look and see what’s going on throughout the week, realize what’s an issue, what needs to be fixed, and if I think it’s important then that’s what I’ll voice, my opinion, ” he explained to KHOU.

He also thinks the signs can be educational to kids.

“You shouldn’t show them the news and say this is reality kids,” he opined. “Beheadings happen, but they shouldn’t.”

Some locals agree, saying Alcede only says what most people are thinking but are too chicken to put on a sign.

“He’s saying things the rest of us might be afraid to say,” Stacey Hayes said, agreeing the signs were a good way to express his views.

The good news is that even his most offensive signs (and this is clearly one of them), only last a week.

Alcede told KHOU that he changes the signs every week to reflect what is currently in the news and on his mind.

There is also a good chance that Alcede’s political pot stirring signs may soon be gone for good. Alcede has a string of money troubles, including being sued by his former business partner for using profits for personal purchases and he is facing foreclosure on his business where the marquee is located.

Photo Credit: KHOU

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