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Texas Sign Asks: Does Obama’s Family Have to Be Beheaded For Change to Happen?

Texas’ Tactical Firearms has displayed a number of controversial and political thoughts on their marquee before, but this week’s message is definitely pushing the boundaries.

Referencing the recent beheading of two American journalists by ISIS militants, the sign asks, “Does one of Obamas [sic] family members have to be beheaded for ‘change’ to happen?”

Visible to motorists passing by, some local Katy residents are offended by the sign’s off-color sentiment.

“I think as far as freedom of speech is concerned it’s protected, but it’s in pretty poor taste,” Marco Romero said.

Tactical Firearms CEO Jeremy Alcede, though, has defended his marquee, claiming that he thinks it is perfectly fine to be asking a question like that so close to the journalists’ deaths.

“I look and see what’s going on throughout the week, realize what’s an issue, what needs to be fixed, and if I think it’s important then that’s what I’ll voice, my opinion, ” he explained to KHOU.

He also thinks the signs can be educational to kids.

“You shouldn’t show them the news and say this is reality kids,” he opined. “Beheadings happen, but they shouldn’t.”

Some locals agree, saying Alcede only says what most people are thinking but are too chicken to put on a sign.

“He’s saying things the rest of us might be afraid to say,” Stacey Hayes said, agreeing the signs were a good way to express his views.

The good news is that even his most offensive signs (and this is clearly one of them), only last a week.

Alcede told KHOU that he changes the signs every week to reflect what is currently in the news and on his mind.

There is also a good chance that Alcede’s political pot stirring signs may soon be gone for good. Alcede has a string of money troubles, including being sued by his former business partner for using profits for personal purchases and he is facing foreclosure on his business where the marquee is located.

Photo Credit: KHOU

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  • Judy Aldrich

    Unbelievable how many sick people there are in this country, and especially in the ones that call them self religious people.

    • Goforride

      And patriots.

  • murphymac43

    What a horrible sign! Whomever posted that has an evil streak! There are better people in Texas than the one responsible for this sign! Take it down!

  • Judith P. Bradley

    This goes far beyond tacky, inappropriate and disrespectful. It has implicit undertones of extremism and threat. SHAMEFUL.

    • Goforride

      ‘respect’? WOW. There’s an ancient concept. It goes back to a time long, long ago. Before Faux News.

  • dickwadd

    This individual is definitely a loser.

  • Iris Demar-Birdow


    • Sandra Quinn

      Yes We do, and it is just as corruptible as the next. The community at large should not give this person a marque.

    • Leeann Herring

      Some do…… I warrant most do….

      • Iris Demar-Birdow

        I do not understand why whites hate blacks so much…..what did any black person do to deserve so much hate from whites , if anyone should hate it should be the other way around…. Where is the love?where is the compassion for one another ?…..the whites have always had the upper hand at everything ,now that we have a black president,there is so much hate coming from whites…that is the reason for my question!!!!

        • I_B_ME

          “I do not understand why whites hate blacks so much…
          Might be due to comments like “DOES THE WHITE RACE HAVE SOULS?”

          • Iris Demar-Birdow

            R u offended because of my statement or r u angry because u r wondering the same,it amazes me how angry some whites get when confronted about topics concerning race….how do u feel about that sign and what’s your take on it instead of lashing out against my statement,he’s speaking about the POTUS and his family..it seems to me you r convicted about something besides my statement.

          • Sage

            WOW really

            “R u offended because of my statement,

            No shittt Sherlock, yes I am offended by your comment, I could careless about your color your gender or your religion, you cast a wide net with your comment, and in doing so, shows you to be as bad, as any other racist no matter your race.

    • Do you know it was a white person who put it up, or are you just a black racist who blames white people for everything! Yes, I think you are just a big racist that needs to die so things can get better! So hurry up and do so!

      • Iris Demar-Birdow

        Yes whites did post that sign and no I don’t blame whites for everything , and to answer your question whites have had control over everything that is why you all r so angry today,you see we have a Black POTUS and you guys r intimidated ,you see your control is loosening…..to thine own self be true!!!!!

        • Yes, we have a black POTUS, and I voted for Mr. Obama twice! I have no control over anyone or anything besides myself, I think everyone should have a chance! But you seem to think white people owe you something and are quite racist in your views, reading your opinion and views just confirm that there are as many black racist as white!

      • notadailycaller

        Easy Frankie, this is an adult comment section. You don’t need to impose death wishes just because someone disagrees; that kind of intolerance is what’s wrong with Congress and many citizens. I vote for compromise and progress.

    • notadailycaller

      Wrong to persecute a whole race of people because of a few ignorant ones. Its what’s been done to current minorities and its got to end.

    • Goforride

      Yeah, but it takes an education to make it bloom, so there ya go.

    • Sage


  • Pamela Helms

    Absolutely appauling.did Cheney create this sign, looks like their work of evil.

  • dog31743t

    There is a coward hiding behind this sign. He should be legally dealt with. This reeks of treason!

    • Leeann Herring

      Right is n’t threatening the POTUS illegal?

  • quiver366

    I should be …but this crap from Texas doesn’t surprise me..they NEED a visit from the secret service…. who ever is responsible for this should have his momma slapped..

  • whatcom_bassist

    More slime in Texas. They should be getting a visit from the Secret Service.

  • Leeann Herring

    This idiot is wrong when he says most people are thinking this. I’m embarrassed for this buffoon. To honestly think people would not be offended is just mind-blowing.

  • AlCum

    So the store owner is a deadbeat, eh? Yep, that’s a republican.

  • norv

    Only from the land of lunacy where conservatives make such fools of the population.

  • Phillip Robinson

    what a useless excuse for a human being, back to the trailer park where you belong, you poster boy for abortion.

  • PAC

    This guy could hardly care less about the journalists.
    All he wants is to keep growing his hatred.

  • dare2speak

    And all the while I thought we were Americans.