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Westboro Haters Out-Trolled Today in New York City by Bigfoot, a Drag Queen, and Free Cupcakes

Today was Day 2 of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church’s ‘God Hates the Media’ Tour in New York City.

While Day 1 was mostly a downer, with few counter-protesters to add interest, today the rainbow flags and fun came out, courtesy of the New York City media and pro-LGBT supporters.

At 770 Broadway in Greenwich Village – home to Facebook, AOL and the Huffington Post – the atmosphere was more of a block party than hateful protest, as Huffington Post handed out tiny, delicious rainbow cupcakes – courtesy of Baked by Melissa –  to spread good will and draw attention away from the trio of Westboro haters who were singing a bizarre ‘New York, New York’ song and trying to get people’s attention.


One of the editors of Huffington Post said he was glad the haters came.

“We’re not afraid, we’re not intimidated and we don’t approve of them,” HuffPost Gay Voices editor Noah Michelson told the New York Observer, glad to confront the group just outside their office door. “It was an incredible protest on our own turf.”

The media was also joined by a number of other protesters, including one person adorned in a see-through green number and a bird.

A drag queen  wearing a colorful outfit and uber-high red heels also helped steal Westboro’s thunder, shouting at the Westboro-ers to ‘Go Home’ and advising them that they cannot afford to live in New York City.

With all the fun signs, costumed characters and cool outfits on display, it was easy to forget that in the center of the three-ring circus, being kept apart from the counter-protesters by the NYPD, was a trio of ladies shouting hate and stepping on the American flag.

The good people of Westboro, though, seemed to have a very different view of what went on at 770 Broadway.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that every word of @WBCSays is utterly irresistible to every employee of @HuffingtonPost,” they wrote, seemingly not getting the fact no one was really noticing them at all.


Photo Credit: Tamar Auber

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