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Arnold Schwartzenegger Blotted Out Maria Shriver in His Official Governor’s Portrait

This week, at the California state Capitol, former Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger unveiled his official portrait.

If you look closely enough, though, it looks a bit like he may have spilled a bit on his suit in the pic.

That smudge actually used to be a lovely pin of his now ex-wife.

Not long into his time as governor, Schwartzenegger decided to commission his official portrait, way, way before it would ever be officially unveiled.

At that time, he and his wife Maria Shriver were still very happily married and he wanted to include her in some manner in his massive portrait.

So Gottfried Helnwein, the realist painter, put in the loving tribute, which he then hinted at with the press.

There is “one little interesting detail,” he said of the portrait “which I cannot give away because I am not allowed to tell, but it was very important and meaningful to the governor.”

One staffer, who saw the picture on an easel already done a few years into his time as governor, said that he remembered how it looked when Shriver’s face was smiling from the pin.

Now, with the couple’s marriage has dissolved, the six-foot tall painting has been altered, and rather clumsily.

“Considering everything, it’s not that odd,” the staffer said, defending his former boss’ choice to cover his soon-to-be ex up. “It would have been weirder if it was already up and he had removed it.”

One capitol tour guide, however, thinks that if Schwartzenegger was going to go to all the trouble to paint over it, at least he could have hired someone capable of blending it in.

“Whoever touched it up did not do a very good job,” Richard Granis said. “It was softball sized, right there on his left lapel.”

Photo Credit: AP

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