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Cliven Bundy Has Hit the Campaign Trail to Talk Revolution, Stump for the Tea Party

Cliven Bundy has traded the cattle trail for the campaign trail, at least for a while. The controversial rancher has hit the road to support some Tea Party candidates.

Making a stop at the Bonanza Casino in Reno, Bundy threw his support to Russell Best, a long-shot pick for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.

Best, whose campaign page shows only a handful of endorsements, has publicly announced that, if elected, he will join in Bundy’s fight against the federal government over land and state sovereignty.

“We need to join the lawsuit with Utah and take our State land back 87% is under Federal controls. Get the Federal Government out of Nevada and let Nevada run it’s own Government. I will push it from Washington to help Nevada grow,” Best wrote of his website, which also vows to stop the EPA.

Bundy, preaching to the Tea Party choir gathered for the event, agreed with Best that the federal government needed to be corralled.

Bundy also made it clear the to the group he hasn’t given up his thoughts of a revolution.

Although he claimed he did not want to see an uprising,  he said, “if we don’t rein back this federal government, then we the people are going to have to fight.”

He also used the Tea Party’s favorite words ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ to make it clear that battling the government will be the ‘patriotic’ thing to do if the time comes.

“Basically fight for liberty and freedom, and we’re fighting against a federal government that’s overreached,” Bundy told the 50 or so people gathered in support of Best.

Bundy also told a reporter that while he doesn’t really enjoy speaking to the far-right crowd, but he does it because, “I fight for freedom and yet I feel I am locked up, you know, in the surroundings and not much freedom for me and my family.”

The controversial rancher is expected to make three more campaign stops, all in rural Nevada, in the next week in support of far-right candidates.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  • Ken Dabbs

    And why has ne not been arrested yet?

  • Thom Lee

    Just what we need. Crazies and criminals like him in office!

  • rantall

    Put this guy in jail! Taking up arms against your country is not called patriotism. It is called TREASON! If you use your guns to protect against “The Government,” who exactly are you going to shoot? Soldiers? Police officers? Maybe your neighbor’s kid who joined the National Guard?

  • Pro-ChoiceTexan

    Cliven Bundy needs to be in jail, not campaigning for right wing extremists like himself.

  • notadailycaller

    Imagine if the Bundy adventure would have happened, except that Cliven and his gun toting gang of thugs were Black? Think the opinions and outcome would be different?

  • elaine stenzel

    what is wrong with our judicial system,why is this man still walking around and not in jail like he should be,instead he is causing more trouble.