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What Separation of Church and State? Mike Huckabee Tells Pastors to Instruct Flock to ‘Vote the Bible’

Former Governor Mike Huckabee thinks the problem with America is that there are not enough conservative Christians in Washington. So, earlier this week he took to the radio to instruct his fellow pastors on the need to instruct their flock on how to ‘vote the Bible’ in the midterm elections.

Diagnosing the issues that face America today as “ultimately spiritual,” Huckabee said in an interview with Rick Scarborough that thanks to pastors unwilling to use their pulpits to preach politics, America has now degraded into an “ungodly” place with abortion, same-sex marriage and a bad economy.

“We have people who say ‘well, the courts have ruled on abortion, we just have to live with it,’ or ‘the courts have ruled on same-sex marriage, we just have to live with it,'” Huckabee said, mocking those who think Sunday preaching and conservative campaigning don’t mix. “And I would suggest, no we don’t! We shouldn’t just accept things that are ungodly and that will cause us to have to stand before God with bloody hands.”

He then stressed that the best way for America to get back on its feet is for pastors to really dig in and start preaching the anti-abortion, anti-gay message as much as they can, so that when congregants go to the polls they will vote for conservatives.

Huckabee further suggested that if people voted in enough GOPers willing to use Biblical decision making to write the laws, then even the economy could be fixed “because everything about the economy that’s wrong would be fixed if people had a biblical understanding of the economy.”

All of Huckabee’s recent Bible talk, by the way, has made him a GOP darling and front runner for the Presidential nod.

In a recent Iowa poll, Huckabee was the pick of 21 percent of GOPers. In contrast, Ted Cruz, who recently seemed to bask in the crowds chants for him to run, was named by less than 5 percent of registered Republicans surveyed.

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