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Deadbeat and Dangerous: Wonkette Uncovers Divorce Docs That Claim GOPer Mark Sanford Flew Planes at Kids, Claimed He Was Broke

On Friday, South Carolina’s Representative Mark Sanford announced in a rambling, 2000+ Facebook post that he broke up with his fiance Maria Belen Chapur, the same woman who he disappeared with while still governor, causing a scandal in the state.

Miss Chapur, though, may have dodged a bullet.

According to divorce documents unearthed by Wonkette’s Kaili Joy Gray, Rep. Sanford is a deadbeat dad who apparently enjoyed playing a game of chicken with his kids involving flying an actual plane right at them.

Jenny, Mark’s ex-wife, described how the former Governor and current Congressman used to get big laughs by risking his kids’ lives.

“This is a game of chicken on the Coosaw air strip [at the family’s Coosaw Plantation],” she said. “And it is Mark Sanford with a pack of children. And the plane is a Mooney. They fly 175 to 200 miles per hour and they fly straight at the children. And the game is to see who can stand up the longest.”

In fairness, Sanford was not piloting the plane, he was just in it. The pilot was his “crazy cousin.”

The now-Congressman also insisted in the court documents that the boys “loved it.”

Jenny agreed that the boys have a great time, but that the place was full of reckless, dangerous fun that could have gotten them killed.

“Four-year-olds have guns,” she said of the family’ sprawling property. “Children ride around in four wheelers with no helmets, and motorcycles…and I could never do anything about it when married. It would make me cry and pray that my children would live. And when we got divorced, it was very important to me that I end that game going forward for all my children because I want my children to live.”

The divorce documents also claim that while Sanford had enough money to woo Chapur and help stock the Coosaw Plantation with dangerous toys, he did not have enough money to help pay for his own kids’ expenses including college tuition.

Sanford, however, had an answer for that too.

“I’m renowned for being cheap,” he told the court. “I want you to keep in mind, again, how she knows I’m cheap. Anybody out there knows I’m cheap.”

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