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Florida GOPer Calls Black People ‘Animals’ With an Inferior Culture, But He’s Not Really Sorry

A Florida Republican just called the black community ‘animals’ and he is not really all that sorry.

Steve Wade is a member of the Lakeland utility board make his remarks during a Sept. 4 meeting in the town.

“Here in Lakeland we’re seeing everything, Our black community in the northwest section – not just the gangs, but just a culture that has really gone backwards, almost like animals.”

Apparently unaware or not caring that he was coming off as a racist jerk, he then continued by explaining that girls in ‘that’ community really need to learn to keep their legs together.

“It’s not just the gang problem, it’s the teenage girls. We’ve got to get them to say ‘no’ and quit having these babies. The culture in that community is spreading into other parts of Lakeland,” he stressed.

For the record, teenage pregnancy is not on the rise in the area. According to the Ledger, the teen birth rate currently stands at 37 births per 1,000 among 15 to 19-year-old girls, less than in previous years and hardly the contagious epidemic Wade was making it out to be.

The town’s African-American commissioner was, not surprisingly, offended by Wade’s remarks.

“We don’t have animals living out there,”Phillip Walker said. “I live out there, and I don’t consider myself an animal.”

Wade has since apologized, or at least sort of. He admitted that he was wrong to call the African-American community ‘animals’ but still thinks except for that one pesky choice of words his analysis of the trouble in North Lakeland was accurate.

“Except for me using the word animals, everything else was true,” Wade said. “They aren’t acting like human beings should be acting.”

The local utility board, however, disagreed, and have since voted that he deserves a stern talking to from the mayor for his insensitive remarks. So far, he remains in office.

Photo Credit: The Ledger

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