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Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Warns Muslims are Marching Right to a Town Near You

Chuck Woolery is best known as the lovable original host of ‘Wheel of Fortune as well as his star turns on  ‘Love Connection’ and more recently ‘Lingo.’

He is also a hardcore conservative and libertarian activist.

Now an occasional contributor to Newsmax, a conservative media outlet, Woolery has advocated for more assault gun owners, against the “abomination called Obamacare,” and declared liberals are declaring a war on seniors.

He also recently took to Twitter to announce that the United States has a ‘Muslim problem’ and the current occupant of the White House was at the center of it.

“I have been reluctant to say this, but I think we have a Muslim problem in the White House,” Woolery tweeted on Sept. 12 according to Liberaland. “So where does that leave the Democrats?”

Not to leave anyone to ponder too long, three minutes later he offered another clue. He outed the Democratic President as the ‘Muslim-in-chief.’

“We may not know for sure what’s going on but we can sure make a very educated guess,” he said. “My guess. Obama is a Muslim. Trouble 4 us.”

Actually, calling Obama a Muslim is hardly an ‘educated guess’ anymore. Plenty of other conservatives have already made that claim based on less than convincing ‘proof.’

Likewise, Woolery is also breaking no ground saying Obama will spell ‘Trouble 4 us.’

Yet, he game show host did not stop just by warning about Obama’s Muslim ways. He also wanted everyone to know Muslims were on the march straight towards America’s heartland.

“Iv’e had about all I can take from this Peaceful Religion, that is not a religion at all, Muslims are on the March, Coming to a town near U,” [all sic] he warned.

It goes without saying that Woolery is very, very wrong. Not only is Islam a real religion that does in fact advocate for peace not violence, there is no need for Muslims to march into town with torches. In much of America, the Muslim community has been our neighbors, our schoolmates and our colleagues for years.

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