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Rev. Manning’s Wild Rant: NASA and Rectum Cheering Sodomites Prove Homosexuality is Wrong

Rev. James David Manning is notable for two things. First, he hates Barack Obama and is remains convinced he is an illegitimate President. Second, he really, really, really does not like the LGBT community.

During this week’s YouTube message, though, Rev. Manning skipped the more predictable talk about how Obama was in alignment with ISIS. Instead, he had an important message to bring to his flock -NASA has proved homosexuality is wrong.

“The entire universe rebukes sodomy, it rebukes same-sex marriage, it rebukes man lying with man,” Manning declared.

He then explained that while the Hubble telescope did not exactly find an anti-gay sign in space, they did find that everything has an opposite.

“As far as our scientists have been able to discover, everything has an opposite,” he said. “There’s nothing in the universe that agrees with same-sex [marriage], there’s nothing in the universe that agrees with the Sodomites… The Sodomites can’t get a witness from anywhere in the universe except their own perverted testimony, nothing in the universe will agree with them. Everything in the universe says it must be male and female.”

Of course, that is simply not true. Many animals exhibit homosexual pairings, and not just those horny bonobos. Penguins, dragon flies and giraffes do it too. Then there are those asexual organisms that are never male or female, like amoebas.

Manning, though, was not concerned about bonobos and amoebas, especially since he was trying to drive home a point, and that point involved demons.

Since homosexuality was unnatural, he continued, it was demons that were convincing gay men to have anal sex, which he concluded is horrible because rectums are full of waste and death.

“And without the true, authentic creation that God has put in order, all Sodomites would die! Because there’s nothing but death and refuse in the rectum!,” he preached. “No life can come out of the rectum! The rectum is designed to get rid of death and waste! It’s designed for that one purpose, and the Sodomites are cheering on and praising the rectum!”

“I mean, that’s demonic!” he exclaimed, concluding unlike the rest of the world he was on God’s side when it came to his judgement of the gay community. “The entire universe condemns sodomy, same-sex marriage and the practices thereof. I’m James Manning, everybody. I’m the Lord’s servant!”

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The video of Manning’s broadcast. The quotes above appear at about the 13 minute mark.

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