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Rick Wiles Warns Supervillain Obama is Signaling Terrorists to Blow Up American Schools

TruNews host Rick Wiles has said some outlandish things about the President in the past. His latest rant, though, may just be one of his most bizarre, because it seems to take such an odd leap in logic to arrive at his inevitable anti-Obama conclusion.

In short, Wiles is upset with Barack and Michelle Obama because the couple volunteered with a non-profit that encourages children’s active play to honor the National Day of Service and Remembrance on 9/11.

In fact, he said that the whole reason the Obamas were actually posing for a photo-op with that particular group was not to help out kids but to send a deliberate and sinister message to terrorists to bomb American schools.

According to Wiles, the Obamas – or “Barry Benghazi Obama” and his wife “Michael Obama” as  Wiles called them – the couple chose to stuff backpacks for the non-profit on the anniversary of 9/11  because of the groups ‘scandalous’ name – KaBOOM!

Wiles even went so far as to say the publicity shots are proof that Obama was “signaling that the next 9/11-style terrorist attack will be American schools going kaboom,” because, of course, “Barack Obama is a stealth jihadist.”

For avid listeners of TruNews, though, the news Obama may be signaling terrorists is hardly a shock, especially since Obama is all all-out supervillain, according to Wiles, and one who is likely “orchestrating the destruction of our nation,” right now.

The TruNews host has even given Obama a super-evil plot to gain more power. According to a guest on one of Wiles’ shows, Obama plans on working with terrorists to bomb America so he can rule the world forever.

“When the Muslim comes to America and they start doing bombing,” guest Kaleem Saleem explained on his show, “it will establish martial law and it will establish that probably the president doesn’t have to step down for years until the martial law is done with.”

To think, only Wiles was clever enough to discern such a dastardly plan. The rest of us just though the Obama’s volunteered with KaBOOM! on 9/11 because Michelle Obama is big on kids’ physical fitness and has volunteered with the group before.

Which of course begs the question, what is Obama up to in this other, sure to be sinister pic?


Photo Credit: Kaboom via Twitter/White House Photo

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