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Georgia GOPer Blames Separation of Church and State for Teen Pregnancy and Violence

Jody Hice has been nominated by the Georgia GOP as their pick for the U.S. House of Representatives.

He is also a gun lover, pastor and credits himself for leading the fight against the IRS that is trying to censor “what pastors can and cannot say from the pulpit.”

On his recent radio broadcast, the pastor turned politician also made it clear what he plans on tackling first in Washington if he gets elected – those pesky court rulings supporting the separation of church and state.

“[A]s we have removed prayer and Bible and our Christian heritage from our public school, what has been the counter consequence?” he asked on Wednesday. “Has behavior increased or decreased? Has education gotten better or worse? Have our overall citizenship, our citizenry, have we become a better place to live or a worse place to live? Is there more drugs or less? More gang violence or less? More teenage pregnancy or less? More promiscuity or less?”

He then concluded, “Folks, across the board we have suffered.”

Actually, while it sounds like standard issue right-wing fearmongering, it is also very, very wrong.

While it is not as simple as saying in all conservative states teen pregnancy is higher, it is true that many of the states with the highest rate of teen pregnancy are red states. In fact, Georgia is one of those currently topping the number of girls getting pregnant, despite the fact it is deeply conservative and in the Bible belt.

Likewise, drug use among teens may actually be on the decline without prayer in schools, with fewer teens reporting drug, alcohol or smoking habits than in the past according to a recent survey.

Violent crime across the nation has also decreased to a 49 year low, although it is true America does still have a gang problem especially in prisons.

As for promiscuity, the correlation between being immersed in the ‘Christian heritage’ and the Bible is not a guarantee no matter how many times Dr. Hice tries to state it as fact.

Miley Cyrus, afterall, comes from the Bible belt red state of Tennessee, where she says she was raised in the Baptist church and even wore a purity ring. These days she is looked upon as so evil and ‘promiscuous’ that some right-wingers have worndered if she sold her soul to the devil.

Photo Credit: Jody Hice for Congress

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  • I C U

    Where was this Christian heritage when Natives were murdered &African’s enslaved…”many shall come in my name” u can put duck in dirt that don’t make it a pig.

  • Lake girl

    He is fighting IRS because they he cannot dictate political advice if he wants to keep his tax exempt status. I think there should not be any tax exempts. All churches and charities should pay income tax, so our taxes can be lower. Also churches and charities should pay real estate taxes. Just think how much lower your income tax and property tax would be if churches and charities paid their fair share.