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Alan Keyes Encouraging Violence if Obama is Not Ousted

It is no secret Alan Keyes thinks Obama is a tyrant who is intent on waging war with ISIS so he can somehow become a dictator here in the States. Yet today, Keyes upped the ante on his rhetoric considerably when he called for violence to get the President out of the White House.

In a WND editorial, Keyes called for the House of Representatives to act just like the Founding Fathers and impeach Obama “to substantiate the morally reasonable basis for their stand in defense of liberty.”

He added that the act of impeachment, “allows and requires them to justify, before God and the decent opinion of humankind, why they are conscientiously determined to stand even despite the vicissitudes of war, rather than submit to tyranny.”

If the Senate was not willing to stand up and do their patriotic duty supporting the House’s efforts to oust the President, though, Keyes, said that patriotic Americans had only one choice – follow Thomas Jefferson’s advice to ‘let them take arms.’

“We realize that, under certain circumstances, the particular provisions for impeaching and removing the president and vice president may end up being the prelude for armed conflict,” Keyes wrote. “This may occur if and when a sufficient minority in the U.S. Senate stubbornly shields the perpetrators of executive abuses, even when, to a large majority of the people, their abuse have become insufferable.”

In other words, using a lot of big words in an attempt to sound as patriotic and legalistic as possible, Keyes is telling people that if the Senate won’t support Obama’s impeachment, there should be a violent revolt.

In case you think such extreme anti-Obama rhetoric sounds familiar, it is because we have heard such fighting words before. Earlier this month, Fox News contributor Thomas McInerney also said that violence and even a military coup may be required to get Obama out and stressed he was obligated  to defend the country against “enemies foreign and, I repeat, domestic,” and then made it clear that Obama should be considered a treasonous leader who is “aiding and abetting the enemy.”

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  • Judith P. Bradley

    I have recently read unspeakable politically motivated rhetoric on the net. I suppose there have always been self-righteously indignant people around, making fools of themselves, making threats, etc. Social media has given them a platform. The First Amendment gives them this right, but along with that should come responsibility. I, for one, am sick of rights without responsibility nor consequences. I now just have to turn my head away from it. It makes me sick.

  • Smooth

    Negro, please! Alan Keyes and Allen West are just like the Stephen character in the movie, “Django Unchained”. Just as evil as their master!


  • Jim Spillane


  • 54StarryNights

    It seems Mr. Keyes is unclear on the concept of a democratic republic. He fails to understand that if you are dissatisfied with the performance of your elected representatives, you let them know by calling or writing to them, by petition, and by peaceful protest. If they fail to respond as you wish, you vote for people to replace them, and if your candidate of choice loses you realize that the majority who did their duty by voting disagreed with you and their choice prevailed. You do not incite violence when you lose and don’t get your way. Doing so is as anti-democratic as you can get.