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Oops! Another GOPer Gets Caught Copying Campaign Promises from Another Candidate

Oregon Republican Senate candidate Monica Wehby just published her own economic plan. The trouble is, it looks like she copied off of someone else’s homework.

Buzzfeed noticed the language used on Wehby’s statement sounded awfully similar to various other sources, including  a 2012 position by then-GOP candidate Gary DeLong, as survey from Karl Rove’s group, Crossroads, and a 2014 press release by fellow GOPer, Rob Portman.

Wehby forgot to mention anywhere in her statement, though, that she may not have thought up the ideas all on her own.

For example, here is what Portman had to say about tax reform:

Reform Tax Code To Spur Economic Growth – We must create incentives for our entrepreneurs to invest in the future, innovate and grow. Unfortunately, instead of rewarding job creators, the government penalizes their success by hitting them with sky high taxes. We should pursue policies that provide incentives for entrepreneurs to invest in plants, equipment and workers.

Wehby’s own thoughts on tax reform sound eerily similar:

Reform the Tax Code to Spur Economic Growth. Make it simpler and fairer for families and small businesses, and eliminating loopholes that primarily benefit special interests. We must create incentives for job creators to invest in the future, and will innovate and grow our economy.

In all fairness, though, Wehby is just following a long tradition of GOP thought-lifting.

In November 2013, Rachel Maddow pointed out that Rand Paul somehow turned a Wikipedia description of the  1997 movie Gattaca into an anti-abortion speech.

Then, there was the case of the North Carolina Tea Party candidate Dr. Greg Bannon, who lifted his political views nearly verbatim from another Tea Partier and didn’t even bother to edit out the information that referred to the other candidate’s own (and very different) state.

Finally, who can forget the inspiring words of current GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who whether talking about ISIS or Obama, is usually just parroting back the thoughts that other GOPers said first, something that clearly did not stop her from getting elected or being a favorite on Fox News.

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H/t: Buzzfeed

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