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400,000 People Marched in New York City for Climate Action, Major News Networks Ignore It

The interfaith contingent, estimated at 10,000 strong, literally gathered outside of CNN’s New York City headquarters on Sunday. Yet, CNN did not cover the largest climate march in history during their Sunday news shows.

Like other major broadcasters, despite the fact that the march was much-hyped in the days leading to the gathering, the news broadcasters did not use the mega-event as a reason to discuss climate change. In fact, many did not mention the march, or the topic of climate change, at all during their Sunday shows.

According to Media Matters, Sunday news shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox did not bother to mention the marchers during Meet the PressFace the NationState of the Union, and Fox News Sunday.

ABC’s This Week talked about the event just one time.

The lack of press coverage, though, is unfortunate, because the march turned out to be huge.

Organizers were expecting 100,000 people to show. On the day of the event, they estimated over three times that number – 310,000 – marched. Now, after reviewing the footage of the day they believe that up to 400,000 people crowded the streets of Manhattan on a hot and humid Sunday to talk about climate change.

The group was also diverse. While climate activism suffers from being labeled as a white, middle-class movement, the organizers worked hard to spotlight those impacted most by climate change, including indigenous populations, people of color and the poor.

Many of the marchers were also there to send a message to the bigwigs gathering tomorrow at the United Nations Climate Summit to talk politics and the need to adapt more sustainable practices worldwide.

“Today, civil society acted at a scale that outdid even our own wildest expectations. Tomorrow, we expect our political leaders to do the same,” May Boeve, Executive Director of 350.org said after the historic march.

Unfortunately, though, the impact of that message may get a little lost because the major television networks couldn’t be bothered with climate change talk.

Jack Mirkinson of HuffPo, summed up the problem with this one-liner, “It seems climate change remains one potentially world-shattering issue that just can’t get any respect on television.”

The good news is, that while network TV missed their chance to talk climate change, internet outlets and social media covered the event extensively, some even offering a live stream of the action in New York City and other participating sites worldwide.

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