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Pat Robertson: Violence in the Bible is Totally Different that Violence in the Quran

It is no secret aging televangelist Pat Robertson is not a fan of Islam.

Way back in 2008, he even told his listeners that Islam was not even a religion, but something much, much more sinister.

“Islam is not a religion” but “a political system bent on world domination,” he said then. He also warned, “what they’re going to do to you will be more horrible than anything you can imagine.”

By last year, the television preacher  had changed his tune a bit, acknowledging some people might think Islam is a religion.

Still, he made it clear that Islam is still evil, so evil in fact it warrants comparison to Nazism.

The government “refuses to acknowledge the problem of Islam,” he said just last year, adding that “during the Second World War we didn’t have any problems saying that Hitler was bad, no problem at all saying the Nazis were monsters, no problem.”

Then, during today’s 700 Club, Robertson continued his Muslim-bashing by explaining that the reason that Muslims are so wicked is that violence is written into the Quran.

Of course, that put him in a pickle, because the Old Testament is one of the bloodiest books around.

Robertson, however, quickly explained Old Testament violence away as justified because God was trying to teach a lesson.

“I will tell you, when you read the wars of extermination that took place when Israel entered the Holy land, it takes a lot of explaining because God said ‘kill everything,'” Robertson told his viewers, then clarifying that all that killing was okay because they had 400 years of idol worship to atone for.

He also said the Amalekites, the victims of the mass murder, deserved what they got because they were going to attack Israel again and again.

The violence found in the Quran, he warned, though, is totally different that any mass murders found in the Bible, because it comes from Allah.

“How can you say it’s not like the other? The other is in the name of Allah,” he reasoned, essentially arguing that if it comes from Allah, it must be bad, period.

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