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Deaf Sentence? Man Shot By Police Was Not Trying to Ignore Him, He Could Not Hear

A Florida man is dead after a plain clothes sheriff’s deputy shot him six times while he was sitting in his car in a tow yard.

Sheriff’s Office Investigator Joel Hernandez said that the Edward P. Miller was brandishing a weapon and did not respond to his commands. After perceiving the man with a weapon as a threat, he opened fire.

The victim’s 25-year-old son, however tells a much different tale.

The son, also named Edward Miller, said that he was just sitting in the pickup truck with his dad when the cop approached. He also acknowledged that his dad did have a weapon on him, but said that it was tucked away and his dad had a concealed weapons permit.

There is also a good reason why his father did not immediately respond to the officer’s orders or immediately understand the man in street clothes was a cop. The man police shot is deaf.

To make the incident even more troubling, the sheriff investigator was not even at the scene in response to a 911 call involving Miller. He just happened to overhear an argument while at the tow yard and decide to investigate.

The cop behind the shooting also has a bad track record. Just last year, the same cop also shot another man who he thought was ignoring his orders.

On Jan. 2, 2013, 52-year-old Kenneth Morrow, who was suicidal, was said to be ‘advancing aggressively’ at Hernandez. When he did not immediately obey his orders to stop, Hernandez opened fire.

The cop was ultimately cleared of any charges in that case.

Only one month after shooting the suicidal man, Hernandez was involved in another incident where he said that he thought he had to respond with force because the person had a weapon.

The cop kicked a suspect and used the end of taser gun on a suspect because, according to Hernandez. “he was only able to get a quick visual and he then delivered a right kick to the left side of Mr. Rockmore’s face.”

For that incident, Hernandez received an official reprimand.

A spokesperson for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department said that Hernandez’s shooting of Miller, who was deaf, is still under investigation.

“Hernandez perceived a threat and fired his duty weapon, striking and killing the man,” Gary Davidson said, adding the department would not have further comments until the facts were known.

“We need to let FDLE conduct its investigation in order to ascertain all of the facts,” the Sheriff’s spokesperson stressed.

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