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Pat Robertson Joins Right-Wing Mockery of Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’

Yesterday, President Barack Obama announced the bombing of Khorasan strongholds in Syria. He then hopped on to a plane, met with the world leaders to talk about climate change and met with former President Bill Clinton and Hillary at the Clinton Global Initiative.

At some point, during his uber-busy day he also did this:


Granted, not taking the coffee cup out of your hand before you salute the hardworking Marines is not Obama’s shiniest moment. It is also unclear why the White House actually decided to release the unflattering video in the first place since one would assume someone would have pointed out it was bound to make someone mad.

For many of the far-right, though, Obama’s now infamous ‘Latte Salute’ is not just a gaffe but an all-out scandal, including regular Obama-basher Pat Robertson, who somehow managed to weave in the airstrikes on the Khorosan group and the upcoming election into the conversation.

During a segment on today’s 700 Club, Robertson’s yes-woman Wendy Griffith actually said she did not think Obama’s coffee cup moment was that big of a deal.

“I think we need to give our president a break, he’s got so much on his mind right now,” she told Robertson.

The aging televangelist, though, could not let the incident go.

“I won’t give him a break on this one,” he insisted, adding that Obama ordered the airstrikes in Syria only because he was “forced to do it” and because all the President really cares about is getting “brownie points before the election.”

Robertson was not alone. Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to argue that Obama’s salute was indeed dishonorable because it was a time of war, which would hold more weight if there were not so many photos of Bush juggling his dog while trying to salute both in times of war and not.

For example,this one from 2006:


And this one making social media rounds from 2001:


The real scandal in this whole situation, however, may be something far more sinister than an awkward salute, but instead what is inside his [I hope that is NOT] styrofoam cup.

According to the Boston Globe, Obama is leading the free world while drinking tea.

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