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Right Wing Rant: People Sneaking Through White House Security Means the Entire Nation is Not Safe Under Obama

The fact that an armed and apparently unstable man was able to dodge the Secret Service and get perilously close to the White House was scary. It also caused the Obama administration to re-think security around the perimeter of the President’s home and office.

In his usual, overly-dramatic style, though, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah has turned this recent and troublesome security breach into ‘proof’ that Obama is making the entire nation unsafe.

“Let me ask you a question in light of this incident: Do you really expect Barack Obama to protect you from ISIS terrorists and other threats to the safety and security of the nation?Seriously?” Farah wrote his latest column.

He then stressed, “It should tell you no one in America is safe as long as Obama is on watch.”

Outlining his ‘evidence’ further, Farah then insisted that if Obama can’t keep the Secret Service in line, than the military was probably also in serious peril.

My theory is this: Obama is such a bad commander in chief that even a great agency like the Secret Service is compromised and degraded under his leadership. And, if I’m right, what does that suggest about the military forces of the U.S. today – after they have literally been cut to shreds by Obama?

Of course, we should have known all along, since Obama has no interest in securing the nations borders, at least according to Farah and his fellow right-wingers.

Maybe Obama’s laissez-faire attitude toward border intruders is manifesting itself in another form. Obama has no use for borders or immigration laws. He’s made that perfectly clear. All this time I thought he was a hypocrite for not caring about protecting the property rights of average Americans, not caring about the rule of law, not caring about common sense and the national security of the nation when it came to his border policy.

One thing that Farah conveniently fails to mention, though. is that when Bush was in the White House, there were security breaches too and in 1981 a gunman got close enough to Reagan he was actually shot.

According to another WND columnist, however, that comparing Obama to Republican leaders is not fair, because Obama is much more like Reagan’s would-be assassin than his fellow Presidents.

“Clearly, we have a commander in chief who is every bit as delusional as John Hinckley, who not only believed that actress Jodie Foster would be smitten with him if he could somehow manage to assassinate Ronald Reagan, but never even considered just sending her flowers and a box of candy,” Burt Prelutsky wrote just this month, before launching into a mostly incoherent diatribe about the fact Foster is a lesbian, Obama likes to look in the mirror too much, and also concluding for entirely other reasons, America is at risk because of Obama.

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