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Today on Fox News: Global Warming Only Exists in the Fantasy World of Scientists

Yesterday was a historic day for climate change. Over 125 world leaders gathered at the United Nations to discuss climate solutions.

On hand, President Barack Obama acknowledged the role of ‘big nations’ like the United States in causing global warming as well as the growingly vocal public that is demanding a more sustainable future.

In response, Fox News aired a ‘fair and balanced’ debate to make sure that the voices of climate deniers got their chance to be heard as well.

After Bob Deans of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said that it was already settled that fossil fuels were causing global warming, climate denier Myron Ebell of the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) explained exactly why he thought climate change was bunk.

“We are in a fairly warm period right now,” Ebell said. “But for the last 17 or 18 years, there has been no warming. There has been no increase in the global mean temperature. So, this whole debate has really been answered. Global warming is not a crisis.”

When Deans interjected that the summer of 2012 was one of the hottest ones on record and that the world’s leading scientists all seem to agree that the earth is getting hotter, Ebell was not swayed, especially when it came to the scientists findings in the White House’s climate change report.

“And the impacts that President Obama and all these national academies talk about simply aren’t there,” he explained. “We do not have more heat waves, we are not having more big storms. We haven’t had any hurricanes this year, for example.”

“So, I think that this is a kind of fantasy world that they’re living in,” Ebell concluded, apparently arguing that since he wasn’t seeing the impact of climate change right now, here in the United States, that all those ‘scary predictions’ made by the world scientists must be wrong.

Of course, he might want to talk to the President of the Marshall Islands, who has been seeing first-hand the impact of climate change for years on his tiny nation.

“The beaches of Buoj where I use to fish as a boy are already under water, and the fresh water we need to grow our food gets saltier every day.” President Christopher Loeak said. “As scientists had predicted, some of our islands have already completely disappeared, gone forever under the ever-rising waves. For the Marshall Islands and our friends in the Pacific, this is already a full-blown climate emergency.”

Then again, it seems Ebell has already made up his mind.

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