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Dumbest Obama Conspiracy Theory Ever? Prez Accused Of Using Ads of Long-Bearded Men to Promote Jihad

Rick Wiles is a frequent Presidential basher and End Times preacher. He also has some of the most creative anti-Obama rants around.

Just recently, he has accused Obama of being both a supervillain planning to take out American schools and liar who used a fake a trip to Hawaii just so he could slip into a DC mosque. 

He also regularly preaches about how Obama is a not-so-secret Muslim intent on destroying Americans and Christianity for good.

In his most recent diatribe on TruNews, Wiles started off in familiar territory by announcing Obama was actually a jihadist.

“Obama is a very sick, little puppy, but a dangerous attack dog,” Wiles told his listeners yesterday. “Everything about the Obama administration has been orchestrated to tear apart and dismantle the United States while at the same time encouraging, aiding and supporting violent Islam around the world and here in the USA. I stand by my repeated claim that Barack Hussein Obama is the ultimate jihadist, he is waging jihad from inside the White House.”

He soon strayed into stranger waters, though, when he suddenly revealed Obama’s top secret plot, which apparently uses men with long beards to somehow make Americans think jihad is okay.

Wiles explained that he realized the covert beard operation when he saw an advertisement in some newspaper featuring a man with a beard for an American retailer. While most people would have thought it was just an advert, Wiles declared that it was proof of Obama’s sinister plot.

“So what was so shocking about the ad? Well the young man had a beard. What’s so shocking about a beard on a young man? Nothing, except it wasn’t an American-style beard, it was that long, scraggily, dirty-looking, flea-infested Islamic beard you see on jihadists,” he said, mustering as much outrage as possible. “So who is conditioning the American people through advertising to accept the Islamic beard on American men?”

The answer Wiles was hoping people would shout back was of course, “The Evil Barack Obama.”

Then again, if you think about it, the root of the beard conspiracy could also be these guys:


Photo Credit: Instagram (Awesome Beard), Wikipedia (Duck Dynasty)

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  • I’m buying this argument, starting with the argument that the president clearly controls everything in all media, particularly advertising.

  • Carrie Kube

    Where can I find this picture?

    • Tamar Auber

      I don’t know, I tried to find it to show everyone, but ‘a bearded guy in retail ad and a suit’ was not much to go on… If anyone does find the ad they think he was talking about, please post.

    • Tamar Auber

      Aha! I think I found it while walking my dog. H&M has a pic of a guy with a beard and suit on its electronic billboard in Times Square. That may not be it, it certainly fits the description. I didn’t have a way to snap a pic, though. I will try again later.

  • This man is insane.

    My SO has been wearing a scraggly looking beard since he was 19. He is now 53. He didn’t like his chin line and he doesn’t like to shave. He is a good, honorable man.

    Unlike Wiles, who is clearly insane.