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Oops! Bronx News Anchor Caught On Hot Mike Spewing Vulgar Anti-Poor Rant

A news anchor from the Bronx clearly did not think he was broadcasting his vulgar anti-poor remarks live.

Still, veteran newsman Matt Pieper should have known better than to drop the F-bomb when wearing a mike during his morning show or thought commercial-break chit-chat was the time to announce what you really thought of the poor.

It all started when Pieper told reporter Amy Yensi that she had two minutes before the start of a segment about the need for school crossing guards.

Somehow, Pieper also saw the story prompt as a perfect opportunity to knock low-income residents.

“And Dave wants you to also mention that parents do their f*cking jobs and walk their little kids to school on their own and not rely on everyone else kind of like people rely on government assistance for their entire lives,” Pieper said, adding, “I actually added the part about government assistance but it’s true. I mean, how old are these kids?”

“I think I qualify for government assistance,” Yensi replied, prompting Pieper to respond, “Just check that box, girl.”

The exchange outraged a number of Bronx residents, who quickly pointed out that many of the viewers were both low-income and hardworking.

“News 12 the Bronx should definitely and definitively take action against matt piper and possibly Amy yensi if that was a derogatory statement made towards people of low income (Ebt recipients),” Jovahn Howard wrote on Facebook. “Do they understand that the majority of their viewership here in the Bronx could possibly be of low income? And matt piper spewing that foul language and hateful elitist tone should be forced to apologize to the viewers on air and in social media. That was disgusting.”[all sic]

Anne Ledesma added that their rude remarks show just how little that they know about persons who rely on EBT.

“Their comments were unnecessary especially when talking about children and people that depend on food stamps,” she wrote. “I know of old people that have worked their entire life and get pennies from retirement not cool…and to think I liked Amy and Matt.”

In response, News 12 issued this statement blaming it on a technical error:

As a result of a technical error during a program break this morning, a personal conversation between an anchor and a reporter was unintentionally placed on the air. The conversation included offensive language and inappropriate commentary. News 12 the Bronx deeply regrets that this incident took place. The remarks of these individuals in no way reflect the views of News 12 management or other News 12 personnel. Steps have been taken to deal with the employees involved and resolve the technical issues. We take this incident extremely seriously and we sincerely apologize to all who may have been offended.

It is unclear what steps were actually taken, but there has been no announcement, at least yet, suggesting Pieper may be soon joining the jobless that he so eagerly mocked in his hot mike moment.

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