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Oops! New York Times Accidentally Tweets Obama’s Resignation

Resignation was on the minds of Washington DC yesterday, just not the resignation the New York Times announced on Twitter.

As news broke that the President would be at a press conference to announce someone was calling it quits, the New York Times’ politics team tweeted this:



The only trouble is that the tweet seems to be missing a few words. While it was true Obama would be there and he would be talking about resignation, it was the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder that he planned to announce, not his own.

Of course the tweet, from the usually credible source, immediately caused a firestorm in the twitterverse.

Some tweeters, like Neetzan Zimmerman wondered if it was true tweeting out, “Why is no1 else reporting this? Seems big.”[sic]

Others immediately caught on that there was a problem.

“Words have meaning,” DC Badger tweeted, while others clarified for the New York Times that it was Holder’s resignation, not the Commander-in-Chief.

Eventually, NYTPolitics sent out a second tweet reading, “Correction: Live video: Watch Obama announces Attorney General resignation press conference here:[Link],” which only prompted another round of tweets, many of them calling the New York Times a tease for promising Obama was finally gone.

Meanwhile in Washington at the press conference the New York Times was trying to announce, Obama officially told the world that Eric Holder, who served as Attorney General for six years would be stepping down.

“As one of the longest-serving Attorney Generals in American history, Eric Holder has borne that burden,” Obama told the press. “So this is bittersweet.  But with his typical dedication, Eric has agreed to stay on as Attorney General until I nominate his successor and that successor is confirmed by the Senate.  Which means he’ll have a chance to add to a proud career of public service — one that began nearly 40 years ago as a young prosecutor in the Department that he now runs.”

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