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Top Family Research Council Official Loves Israeli Jews So Much, He is Praying They Will Convert to Christianity

Jerry Boykin just loved his recent trip to Israel and his chance to meet real-life Israeli Jews up close.

In his interview on Friday with American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, he also gushed about all the “fulfilled” Jews he met with in the country, and said he is really hoping and praying more Jews can find Jesus.

“When God deals with Jews, he does so in such a unique and powerful way and when a Jew comes to faith in Christ, they are such wonderful believers and such wonderful representatives of the power of the Holy Spirit,” Boykin said about the relatively sparse population of Jewish converts to Christianity living in Israel.

Host Sandy Rios then chimed in with her own praise of Jews.

“I love their style,” Rios agreed. “I love their power, their strength, their commitment to their country. It makes me long for it.”

Rios followed up by asking Boykin if he thought that more Israeli Jews would embrace Christianity sometime soon.

Boykin replied that he thought the movement would actually start with Israel’s Arab population, which includes a number of long-standing and historic Arab Christian communities.

“There are more Arabs that are citizens of Israel that are coming to Christ, coming to faith, than there are Jews,” he said pointing out the minority Arab Christian population in both Israel and Palestine.

He thought, however, that once the Jews would see that the Arabs were turning their lives over to Jesus – a Jew – they would decide to convert to Christianity too.

“But eventually those Jews are going to figure out these Arabs are worshipping a Jew,” Boykin continued.

For the record, it is hardly a secret in Israel that Jesus was a Jew, especially in Old City Jerusalem where Christian churches share close quarters with important Jewish and Muslim sites. Likewise, the idea that some Arabs worship Jesus comes as no surprise, the Arab Christian minority has long been part of Israel’s cultural landscape.

Yet according to Boykin, as soon as the Jews catch on the fact that the Arabs are worshipping a Jew, “that’s going to stop a lot of them in their tracks and they are going to try to figure this out, and I believe it’s going to usher in a revival when they do.”

Photo Credit: Lis Ferla (Pilgrims carry cross on the Via Dolorosa in Old City, Jerusalem, a common site in the place packed with the faithful of three major religions)

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